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Originally Posted by Peace2all View Post

This site has heaps of different styles of hobbit / earth homes. Some are made from recycled goods and minimum funds. Straw, timber, mud, tree houses, designs and pictures. Hope this helps.

Are you guys concerned about latitude for a building site? We have an ideal spot picked except I don't think it is high enough above sea level, 150 meters high and inland about 50 kilometers? Just thought I'd put it out there if it is an issue? Cheers Pep
that looks like fun!

about the building site. i dunno, 150 meters up is a fair amount and 50 kilometers inland certainly affords some escape time if something occurs. of course you know that you can build at 3000 meters altitude and then have the whole mountain split open, crumble, sink, or get roasted by hot plasma. who's to say what's the best spot? tough call mate and a personal choice should be best i think.

i have heard we are all where we need to be. so i guess if your heart tells you it's the 'ideal spot' than by god it must be.

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