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Thunder Bay would be an invigorating place for me, but I have not visited it yet.

Has anyone noticed the vortex energies in Prince William County, south of Belleville?

Originally Posted by alphatribe View Post
I encourage those of you from the big smoke to consider Thunder Bay. I will not go too far into details now, but I myself moved away from Toronto last year leaving behind a budding career in the process. southern Ontario is spirtually polluted and will implode when the s*** hits the fan. imagine your suprise when trying to get to your cabin in muskoka that the 401 is blocked for several hundreds of killometers by millions of people wishing they had moved only a couple of years previoulsy.

believe me. our own province often fogets to post weather for our area in the national news, despite the fact that we are the largest urban centre in northwestern Ontario. being used to this over several decades you will find our city universally populated by those with a can-do grassroots attitude. we have done just fine without the support of provincial and federal policies that have done nothing but spoil our fair city, and it is time to truly reinvent ouselves in the face of truly earth-shaking changes.

although we are a major grain handling port and thus a fairly significant strategic missle target, we are home of some VERY well organized surrounding municipalities, that were founded at the grassroots by the draft dodgers in the sixties and early seventies. we have the experience, compassion, openness and willingness to foster intentional community here, and indeed it is already happening as the youth return to our city in droves.

I have posted my own thread under "Canada: Thunder Bay, Ontario" feel free to reply there, and see some more details concerning what is certain to become one of the largest "Radiant Zones" .

I must assure you that I am qualified to nominate this city, due to pesonal visionary premonitions I experienced nearly a decade and a half ago. I am DEEPLY and PERSONALLY aware of what is coming our way and feel it is critical to prepare for it NOW. It is crucial to understand however that I was an average person living an average life 15 years ago, before I was given the gift of some of the clues to this puzzle. wether you believe that the world is hurtlling towards the appocalypse or the ancension, one thing is clear. we all must learn to work together


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