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Default Re: Now THIS really scares me..

[QUOTE=dreamangel;79076] "Like her or hate her, you gotta give her some credit. She has tough skin to go through everything the media has thrown at her and still has a good attitude."

I can't think of anyone I would actually say I "hate", have no respect for or understanding of, hold in contempt...these would describe my feelings towards Sarah Palin. Unfortunately I don't think I have to give her any credit, she is a politician, this is going to open her up to a lot of public scrutiny and sometimes ridicule, if she can't take the heat then she should get another job, she hasn't been put through any worse than any of the others.

"Most people can't even get out of bed without a bad attitude. As far as experience. There are only 2 qualifications to be president. 1. Native born citizen. 2. over age 35. So I guess she is as qualified as anyone."

Good attitude? She supports war, she supports slaughtering wolves from helicopters, she supports drilling for oil in Alaska instead of supporting all of the people who are trying to discover alternatives to oil, she supports a fascist regime.. No I can't qualify anything about the woman as "good". I hope you are not serious about your criteria for president.

The woman belongs in an evangelical church somewhere, NOT in an office dabbling in world affairs.

Iraq is a task from god:
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