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Default Re: Project avalon 2.. Are you havin a laugh?

If I'm wrong concerning the following, please do ignore it. Although so many AV1 members already used the dreaded forum ignore button on me. I still post in AV1 cause I believe we all can change for the betterment of us, our world and beyond!

Isn't it the a legend concerning a somewhat secret society who chooses which people can join their wanna be elite race?

And when they do choose someone/candidate, one of their so called secret methods of informing the new lucky candidate is by walking up from behind that person and "tapping" them on the shoulder maybe?

So my question, just out of curiosity, who here has been tapped for AV2 membership? Oh come on, don't be so shy! Be honest! To hide such info. any longer may make others think or believe the wrong things concerning AV2 & it's elite (kidding) members.

Don't get me wrong because we are all being of change. So change is good cause it's all we are being. The rest of it all (your whole reality experience) is however you want to define it.

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