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Default Re: Violent Movies, Books, Games, Cartoons, and Toys

Violence on TV is my major gripe. I mean it annoys me because it’s not real enough. The best film so far is Saving private Ryan. The camera work is brilliant. It’s like real exploding shells coming in and the scene on the beach is superb. Bullets zipping through the water. The first 5 men out the landing craft just falling down. A wave of blood washing on the beach. So realistic. That’s what violence on TV should be. None of this gung-ho taking a bullet in the shoulder and fighting on. None of this one-man army defeating 5 ninja assassins whilst combing their hair and making a coup of tea.

If they are going to show violence on TV they should make it as real as possible so everyone can understand the consequences. It hurts, it’s painful and you die. I suspect a few on this forum have broken bones playing sports or general mishaps… maybe traffic accidents. When your laying there with a broken leg it’s bloody painful. You ain’t getting up kungfoo fighting with a busted tib or fib. Neither are you going to swing punches with broken ulna or radius. The pain you get when the ends of the bones rub together is agonisingly debilitating. It just ain’t happening.

When 5 guys jump you it’s over. Your down and they are kicking the chitzoid outta ya in seconds. Yer, you might of got a punch of here or there but your overwhelm in seconds. Life it not like a choreographed Bruce lee movie.

When you take a ricochet of a wall and find it’s only cut into your chest inch you’re the lucky one. What the camera can’t show is how your muscles feel like they’re frozen but it can show how the tremors in the hands and legs make it look like your naked in the Antarctic.

When you’ve fought good and hard and taken blows that’s loosened teeth and blurred your vision the camera can’t portray it. When your hands are around your foes throat and almost in slow motion you watch him grasping for breath. The fear and desperation in his eyes. Snot bubbling from his nostrils as he goes into convulsions trying to suck air into his lungs. The camera can should show this.

If they are going to show it they should show REAL.

I’ve always wanted to write a comedy sketch that goes like this. First world war in the trenches. All the Tommy’s peaking over the trenches with the Captain ready to blow the whistle for a charge. Captain turn to his men and says “ ready” the men turn around and say “F*** Off”

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