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Default Re: Violent Movies, Books, Games, Cartoons, and Toys

It's the conditioning of the mind to be more hostile and at the same time desensitizes you (mainly kids) to violence. I agree that this needs to be stopped.

Well, some might say it’s needed so some can learn from it. OK, but I don’t see the need for it to be just about everywhere. I know what violence brings on many degrees and do not tolerate it. There’s nothing new for me to learn from it but it still exist in the world, and it still causes grief if you’re personally connected to it or not. It baffles me when some who claims to have big hearts look at it and say “it’s a part of life, just except it”. How and why would you lose that feeling of sorrow, and concern for others? I know for a fact when ever people rise up against violence things turn out for the better. It takes group efforts, there’s strength in unity.

When ever I see people sitting back doing nothing, all they ever got was nothing. From the Gandhi’s to the Malcolm X’s…they all were pro-active and not just some optimistic intellectuals. You get out of reality what you put in it. Change is caused by action; inaction is something TPTB always teach. I wonder why…

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