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Default Re: Any Glenn Beck fans? Better watch this vid.

Ive read all of the comments posted here regarding the TV channel Fox News and Glen Beck.

In my perspective, this nouveau form of yellow journalism that one may encounter through Faux News or MSNBC, etc. is subtler than its predecessor a century ago, yet exists to increase the dyadic relationship between those clinging to a crumbling worldview and those awakening to a new paradigm.

For example, the recent vote by the Supreme Court that gives greater rights to corporate interests to exercise political speech through campaign contributions didnt really do anything other than expose preexisting corruption. Basically, anyone that wants to still pretend that we live in a fair and decent democracy can no longer do so lest they say, "I am willfully shutting down and ignoring the facts." Many of us knew this before the vote, but i see the Universe gave the vote to awaken those who were still sitting on the fence... much the same with Glen Beck and the likes of Faux News...

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