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Default Re: A global look at the pandemic that people are saying doesn't exist

Here's the skinny,
the vaccine lowers your imune systom defences to resist the new version they are spraying on us "chem trails"

and yes it is aliens who can become us, i've seen it , my family was murdered over this and don't believe it.

Go to you tube look up
William Milton Cooper : murdered for telling the truth.
Phil schneider alien agenda 4/7 : murdered for trying to tell the truth.
And I get death threats and threats of being incarcerated , being made insane
or erased all together , and I get these threats all the time, every day.

Look at everything under timetotelltheworld then look at all the posts you can feel the anger coming from many trying to discredit me.

Or go back to YouTube look up FEMA coffins, FEMA camps anything under the new world order, and just for kicks read the comments and you will see the same thing going on there , discrediting everywhere from many random people, and I mean many.

It is population control, they are thining the herd.

To go in for the kill and they're aim is to get rid of 80 % of us.

I do not fear them , but I do hate them.

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Namaste. My 2 cents.

H1N1 "false pandemic" biggest pharma fraud of century.

News January 13, 2010

Its either a money scam. Or they are putting UFID chips in the shot. Or just straight up poison to damage your DNA permanently. Whatever the case may be.... DON'T GET THE SHOT!!!
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