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Default Re: Extreme weather forecast for So.Cal next week

I thought that was unusual too when I heard 10" were predicted! There has also been a wave of earthquakes in CA too, it'll be interesting to see if all the water has an effect on quakes with all the extra weight from the water...since the land seems so sensitive right now wonder if that will have any effect.

Of course increased frequency and magnitude of earthquakes is happening all over the world right now, especially in the Pacific Ring of Fire - which includes California.

For you weather watchers out there who are interested in monitoring the earthquake activity, the way I do it is set up a igoogle homepage and do a search for the earthquakes gadget, it should be the first usgs download. You can also download other cool things like ufodigest, other paranormal sites etc.

I've been monitoring earthquakes daily for a couple of years now and have seen a marked increase in frequency and magnitude of quakes all over, especially in the ring of fire.
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