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Default Re: Some of the "Indigo Children"?

Originally Posted by Swanny View Post
When I was young I was a hyperactive boy and was even banned from some shops in my town, luckily they didn't have Ritalin back then. Does this mean I am an indigo?? Oh no hang on I'm too old to be one.
It's a load of old nonsense
Ahhhhhh, Indigo's are often MISdiagnosed with ADD/ADHD because they came in as little system's busters.

"What is an Indigo child? The term "Indigo Child" was coined by psychic and synesthesiac Nancy Ann Tappe, who classified people's personalities according to the color of their auras. Usually each universal age is accompanied by a life color, and during each such age there is a prevalence of people born during that time with that corresponding life color."
"Nancy sees color and tastes shape. Foods that she eats have both color and a geometrical shape attached to them. Some are extremely pleasurable; others are not. Nancy was born with this process as was her grandmother. As was typical in her time, she was taught not to speak of it to others.

"Nancy's synesthesia will be described in detail in her forthcoming book In Living Color: A Synesthete's Perceptions due out this year. She is believed to be the only person in the world to have systematized her perceptions through academic and scientific study into a system of meaning and understanding as they relate to the human personality."
"The following questions can help you figure out what your true life colors are. Most people have many different bands of color in their aura. However, when you answer these questions, your predominant personality traits will reveal your one or two life color(s). Make sure you answer the questions based on who you sense, deep inside, you truly are; not on who you think you should be or have been trained to be."

I believe the Indigos have helped usher in a new and more respectful way to treat ALL children, instead of "do as I say, because I said so."
1 Respect them

2 Give choices

3 Give them freedom to develop, balanced with supervision and safety limits.

4 Do set limits to protect them, but not arbitrary ones.

5 Tell reasons and explain why.

6 Give them complete explanations to the level they will be able to understand.

7 Do not talk down to them.

8 Be honest with your children. Tell the truth. They will know if you are not.

9 Don't try to manipulate them. It won't work.

10 Don't use guilt, fear or hate as a controlling tool.

11 Be fair and also be consistent. If you say no, make sure you have a good reason and don't give in.

12 Admit when you make mistakes.

13 Respect any psychic skills they develop, even if you do not understand them.

14 Be open to learning from them.
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