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Default Re: Some of the "Indigo Children"?

Originally Posted by Swanny View Post
Pah I don't believe in Indigo Children
Everyone's equal like it or not.
True, nobody is better or superior to another, and this indeed is possibly a dangerous outlook.

But I think we're all indigo children, star seeds, crystals, whatever you wanna call it. We are all energy at the core, some of us resonate on a positive frequency, and some of us a negative. This is evident by the emotions and behavior most often expressed by an individual.

In short, we didn't come from here, this planet, we came millions and millions of years ago from elsewhere in the galaxy, we moved around from place to place starting civilization all over again, only a few manage to avoid the catastrophes largely perpetrated by the majority of whoever is in power, not to mention natural cyclical cataclysms.

We forgot who we are simply because its all been suppressed. So we don't remember what happened, and possibly repeat history all over again. And somebody, somewhere, someone far more advanced, has been keeping an eye on us, and making sure we avoid extinction at all cost, preserving the few good seeds.

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