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Default Re: Documentation anti vaccination en Francais.

I don't know if anybody else has picked this up...But on Friday I just happened to pop over to Whitley Stribers website because of the hype over the guest whistle blower and listened to the show and towards the end "Linda Moulton Howe" of Earthfiles made a return with pro vaccination Doc!

Both Whitley Striber and Linda Moulton Howe went on to confirm not only are they going to be vaccinated with the new concoction, but they get vaccinated every year for the flu!!!!

Listen here button right for free:

Some people are still main-stream even with the evidence glaring them in the face!

The contradiction was hilarious he has whistle blowers on believes every word, yet thinks this vac is a gov essential!!!! Not even Dr Mercola thinks the vac is a good idea or Stribers radio friend George Noory. Howe Striber blasted those not getting the vaccination! I have never trusted Whitley and his stuttering interrupting radio interview style,always has had more and the same experiences than his guests,but this takes the biscuit.

Though Striber and Art Bell his writing partner who buys his young wives in the Philippines, does not think that anything is suspicious about 911, Howe has the same view if not mistaken! The first two are issacks I wonder if that has anything to do with it? Howe umm??? Somethings kosher about her!

Just thought this was out of place...Any thoughts?
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