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Default Re: WebBot - just a thought...

I don't know for sure the why of it. It's possible they are looking for copyright violations. A lot of websites will have search engines that say "search our site" and "search the web" There may be some sort of data compilation of "what are people talking about, out there" (not tied to a specific email addy or screen name, just topics) -- It could be any number of reasons.

I'm guessing (don't know since I'm neither mod or admin) that the forum has the site set up so that guests cannot access member information - bots are usually in the "guest" area. Right now I see that almost all the guests are viewing the indexes, viewing archives or viewing threads - a couple are registering, we've got 2 AskJeeves spiders, and one Google Spider by name.

You can find that out, if you click on the initial link to Project Avalon Forum, and at the bottom it will tell you who is online. Click on the link/title that says "Currently Active Users" (doing this by memory now, that should be close enough) - and it will show you what everyone is doing.
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