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Default Re: Rep. Ron Paul Urges Natural Solutions to continue fighting HR 2749

Call Your Rep - Vote No on HR 2749
Catherine and News & Commentary, July 29, 2009 at 12:07 pm

I have called my representative, Rep. Marsha Blackburn to request that she vote against HR 2749 (The Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009).

The Weston A. Price Foundation alert says as follows:

HR2749 will impose burdensome regulations on small farmers and local food producers including registration fees and extensive paperwork requirements for which many small food businesses will not have the resources to comply. The ‘local food system’ is not the source of the food safety problems in this country, small farmers and local artisanal producers are part of the solution. HR 2749 would reduce FDA’s accountability while significantly increasing its power.

The bill would empower FDA to conduct warrantless searches of business records without any evidence whatsoever that a violation has occurred, to order a quarantine prohibiting or restricting the movement of food in a geographic area. HR 2749 also creates severe criminal and civil penalties with the potential for substantial fines for even minor violations of the law.

Urge your Representative to vote against HR 2749 and support a food safety bill that will target imports and industrial foods while leaving small farmers and local food producers alone.

Three Ways to Contact your Representative:

1. Send an email through the “Oppose HR 2749″ petition at
2. Go to “My Elected Officials” at and enter your zip code to find your legislators. Call and/or send a fax.
3. Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 to contact your Representative’s office.

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