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Default Re: Recommended Reading

Hmmm, the article about the author is interesting. I am still enjoying the book, although I was wondering who the author was. Even the website "thenewcall" doesn't mention any person.

This is what really gets my head spinning sometimes. So much information out there: that makes sense to me..but so and so says he/she is disinfo; that sound completely crazy, but maybe it's true; I like what that person is saying..and then I read that some say he is fanatical or of "cult" mentality. Arghhh.

One thing that I wanted to comment on regarding the book, that has been not resonating with me, is the many referrals to Jesus and Judgment Day and Christ Consciousness. Some of it had that "Left Behind" feeling. Not that there is anything wrong with referring to Jesus, just that Christianity isn't my cup of tea.

Anyway...I'm about halfway done and looking forward to finishing the rest of the book tomorrow. I'd love to hear others thoughts and comments regarding the book.

Thanks again!
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