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Default Re: Sh@! Hits the fan in canada

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its a filibuster. nothing is going on up there. its just like what happened up here with the elections. going from dem to repub. its a switch in powers. this is bad science. I was concerned. but I now have good science. information from people who are there. I just wish more people from canada would speak up and squash this. come on canadian people. lets here it from you. do you smell a conspiracy? or just a filibuster.

its just bad science.
It's not a filibuster. We do have something going on here. It got out of hand so the Governor General 'prorogued' Parliament. (It's a new word we had to look up in the dictionary last week). Our PM sneaks off to sign SPP treaties with no national debate, discussion or referendum. [SPP=Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement]

American Green Party:

He's a control freak and bully. He runs a tight, stupid ship, but a lot of people like him. He called an election this year, despite forwarding legislation FOR fixed election dates. Kind of broke his own word/law - he sniffed a majority government and tried to oportunize.

Instead, the Conservative Party won another minority government and gained a few seats. Harper is called a tactician. He's got an MA in economics and has some sort of cabal as advisors.

I think our PM has his head up the Bu****es' a*s. It's all tied together with oil. Proof? Sorry, it's a hunch. Alberta has been a test case before. Enron was invited here by the Alberta provincial government during the time of energy deregulation ca 1999. The test was so successful, Enron went to California too.

There are weird things going on with sneaky oil policy in Alberta. Even students are being shut down. "Canadian environmentalists attending the UN Climate Change Conference in Poland allege federal government officials had their group's display meant to show the environmental damage caused by oilsands projects taken down." This happened yesterday.

There are links between the Alberta cabal, the oil elite and this federal government. Warren Buffett and Bill Gates flew around the oilsands in a small plane this summer, taking a look.

I have more on this, but you can check that Alberta has had official provincial representives in Washington DC for years.

Raytheon has an office in Calgary, Alberta, I noticed lately.

There was a big crisis earlier in the year re the sale of our satellite tech, RadarSat2 (mostly tax-based funded) being sold to a US weapons manufacturer ATK.

So that leaves the government in the position they're in. A vote of non-confidence in the House of Commons makes their minority government go away. Parliament resumes at the end of January 2009, so the Conservatives' fate is to be seen. A lot can happen between now and then. In the meantime, we do not have a sitting government.

Alberta is a prime region for a false flag attack I've thought. We have oil, water, trees for lumber. It's a f**king goldmine. Oh, Canada has those too, and diamonds, and uranium, and a melting Northwest Passage for transit by water. Why not invade? Darker forces probably think it's stupid not to take us. Maybe I'm paranoid.

I'm also in the Conservative heartland of Harper supporters, from supermarket to work to playground to school to university to parks to local newspapers. I'd leave... but my heart's in the land. I don't like the people much. It's a lonely slog, which after so many years is just life.

The fact a coalition formed last week is a good thing though - a lively, democratic thing.

So, conspiracy? I don't know.
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