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Consciousness is One Pervading Blissful Existence
Man is the crown achievement of Creative Consciousness which is God
Man must mess up big time for Creative Consciousness to uproot injustice and destroy wickedness en masse
Creative Consciousness is Godly Good Just Love Truth Beauty - Evil cannot persist and will not be tolerated for long
God Consciousness could of course annihilate the universe in a blink of the eye - Such is the Power of God

Man has the capacity to raise his awareness to higher consciousness and ultimately merge with Creative God Consciousness
Man is struggling with ego mind and worldly desires and longs for Truth Beauty and Love
Mind is lost in mergence with Consciousness for it is not needed anymore - Mind is only a mirror of Consciousness
In Reality nothing is lost and nothing new is found
In mergence One finds Himself as One really have been all along - Existence Consciousness Bliss
A state of Being which is as it is everywhere ever - even before Projection of the Universe and birth of Man

Language of Man uses terms as selfrealization and self-actualization
It means Consciousness in Man merged with God Consciousness everywhere ever
Both are the same Consciousness in the sense a Bobble is the Sea and a Spark is the Flame

Man thinks of himself as a person and philosophize from a persons point of view
It is hard to grasp the Reality of the One Consciousness Projecting It All
There is no place for Man in the Dawn of Reality - Illumination incinerates Mind

Mind is always playing tricks - like a magician it is performing the illusion of the world and make you believe you are a part of it
Transcendence of Mind is the End of the Game
Put some ceilings on your desires - Dont get dragged as a fly wherever Mind wants to go - Transform Mind to be a bee after Holy honey
Put some charity in your hands - Some Sacred words in your mouth - Some worship in your Mind

Be good be an angel like a god
Be in this world but not of this world - like the lotus which dont collect dirt in dirty waters
Be Recipients of Grace - Aim High and dont sell yourselves short
Be selfless like roses and jasmins perfuming the air
Be Worthy to be plucked by God
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