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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Jonah View Post
So.. this new archetypical configuration... has it manifested as a he/she or a she/he?
Can you say what the events on this new timeline will be?
Yes the 'Cosmic Christening' has occurred in the New Universal Archetype for the StarHuman Template being defined.

Its physical manifestation is the Gaian Rebirth.

Iow the AdamEve of the prespacetime creation has UNIFIED the Separation of the Adam+Eve archetype within the spacetime creation in its AdamEve+EveAdam blueprint within the spacetime creation.

The original Maleness of the Creator-Mind and the original Femaleness of the Creation-Body has blended with its Image to allow the Old (-)Mind to become a (-)MindBody(+) and allow the Old (+)Body to become a (+)BodyMind(-) then mirrored within spacetime in HEShe and SHEHe in the New Man and the New Woman Androgeny of the 2nd and 3rd Orders.

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