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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Hi Bill, you didn't respond to my post on 12/18 page 19 #458 so I'm repeating it.

Uncle John here: Bill, I was very impressed with your Freedom Central interview. I'm very appreciative of your responding to questions and pray you continue this.

For the present, I don't have any direct questions for you, but I do have several points I would appreciate your response to.

Do humans have the freedom or power or chance to change our world for the better? It seems that from your responses, your answer is yes. Currently, my opinion is no.

I believe that offworlders run the show on the earth. My perspective is that the offworlders accomplish this by use of mind control of every human living.

I've posted many times that it is my firm belief backed up with mountain of evidence that a human's memory and consciousness is not located inside their body. The memory and consciousness is actualized by some unknown and unlocated mechanism. It appears that some collection of offworlders has access privileges in this mechanism.

For ten years, I've pointed out chemtrails to over one thousand random people I've encountered. To my great surprise, less than one percent of those were able to conceptualize what I was pointing out. It was exactly like some one has inserted a line of code in their consciousness mechanism such as this: "If chemtrails are brought to consciousness, ignore it."

If humans don't have to freedom to consider a particular thought, then what freedom do we really have?

How can the majority of every policeman and fireman in New York City know that 9/11 was an inside job and yet not one of them takes any action?

Bill, if you or a loved one got cancer, would you recommend following a MD's advice or would you recommend one of the many proven methods to cure cancer that don't involve cutting, burning or poisoning?

I dream every night and I am convinced that my dreams are not choreographed by my mind. Who has the power to insert these dreams into my mind? How is this accomplished? For what purpose if not for controlling me?
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