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Default Re: Thank you for blaming yourself (very deep subject here)

We live in a world where the legal system and the traditional religions still like to tell us that we are "guilty" or "to blame" when we make certain unfortunate choices. But let's say I decide to take the risk that I might get a parking ticket by leaving my car at a certain place. Then if I get the ticket, the traffic patroller isn't to "blame" for issuing it to me. And I'm simply put in a position of having to take responsibility for my action.

Maybe the risk I took was itself irresponsible, because my parking at that spot could cause somebody a problem unfairly. Should I "blame" myself over something that's in the past and is water under the bridge? Or should I instead put all my attention on finding a more positive solution -- how in future to park at a spot that's still useful for me but doesn't inconvenience others as much?

Or let's say I accidentally run over a child and the child dies. If I allow myself to blame myself for this, then that blame would be so huge it would simply crush my life too, possibly for many years. Or would it more truly honour the value of that child's life more if I didn't put the same intensity of energy into negating and invalidating myself at all? What if I put that energy into being involved in a road safety campaign, and maybe helping the child's parents to adopt a child, and so on? And create so many positive things, the child will not have died for nothing after all? As Gita said, you substitute responsibility for any and all blame.
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