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Default Re: Thank you for blaming yourself (very deep subject here)

Originally Posted by mudra View Post

What a person does, and chooses, is determined by what a person is, and what they are is determined by what they are aware of. Everybody is exactly what they are currently aware of, and what they are currently aware of is based upon an infinite number of factors.

We might all be learning from "mistakes", but at least we can all be at peace (of mind) with each other as life unfolds. The whole concept of other determined causation is an entirely false ingrained perception that is in everybody's best interest to let go of. If everybody had this understanding, we would have total world peace because nobody would be acting out of anger, blame, resentment, hate, or fear. Everybody would fully accept, forgive, respect, and love all of life for what it is.

There is no one to blame not even ourselves .. there is just to Be the Love that we are.
This makes us whole and fully responsible.

Love Always

Your words always hold so much meaning within themself Mudra

I think about my daily ativities and know that I am capable of making mistakes and do learn by them. Its sometimes hard when my temper gets raised as I know thats not where I want to go

COA makes a very good point because there are many here on this forum alone that needs to be more accepting of others and see that they themselfs are not without fault. (even those that think they truly are)
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