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Default Re: Thank you for blaming yourself (very deep subject here)

COA, glad to continue hearing from you!

This is extremely important for people who are very caught up in the "darker" side of reality, ie. the problems, the power struggles, conspiracy, the universal "drama" etc. And I do not mean to call attention to "others" besides myself, it is important for everyone. We all have our ups and downs, our percieved suffering.

I can only say that this understanding has been vastly important to my personal growth, and though its tough for me to describe HOW and WHY we should come to that point, I realize how true it is that we are the centers of our own world. It takes a lot of effort to maintain this understanding, but when it shines through those moments of satori (i prefer to use a more buddhist "eureka," it resonates with me :P) it REALLY changes your entire perspective. It is an immediate feeling of peace and solution, the archetype of the Answer, the one size fits all problems. I can't even look at my 3D surroundings in the same way anymore, and I feel a harmony in the center of my brain where it would normally the polarity of left/right.

In those moments when I experience that "Clarity of Awareness" (:P), that I stop looking at EVERYTHING outside of my body/mind AS apart from "ME".

These words do not do nearly enough to explain it.

It is like a new found partnership, really feeling, knowing, understanding our "Co-creatorship." Like, "Okay world, now that i've opened up a bit of communication with you, let us work together, the way we are supposed to." when usually we are so confused and struggle to make contact with the creator/creation and it hurts us to be so jaded.

That's as best I can describe it. This thread is great. GREAT. I think a great number of people in this forum are understanding of this. Myplanet2 made a great thread earlier on about why we should not be afraid, and I think that really was trying to get home this point as well. It is hard to express clearly through words.
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