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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Hello Bill and Kerry, thanks for your tireless work. It is infinitely appreciated.

Firstly, I'd love to see you guys interview Charles Hall (if he's still around?)
He seems to be the best one to describe the Tall Whites, who keep coming up, and apparently have a fair sized part in ET interactions with the US government. He really is a whistleblower, having interacted personally with them in his job in the US airforce and resisting the pressure to stay silent about it.

Secondly, seeing as you were saying you don't have a really good summary of Henry Deacon's information in one place, I was thinking maybe you could release the original interview you have of him?

The first interview you released of Henry Deacon was actually a transcript of a video interview.
The video itself was understandably withheld at the time because of anonymity issues, but now that we all know his face and identity it couldn't do any harm to release it on to youtube, etc, and would provide new platform for the info.

Maybe even a directors cut...?!

Third, I liked the little clip you made of Stephen Basset at the Barcelona conference. I realised that such little snippets of short summarised info could be a good way to get some info out there to a wider audience.
The average civilian may be intimidated by a 2 hour youtube clip on a subject they already consider far out, but little summarised shorts may be more accessible.

Not to suggest you make shorter videos, but alongside the in depth versions could be shorter clips aimed at our modern attention deficited audience...?

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