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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Originally Posted by THEWATCHER View Post
An earlier post by NoCaste mentioned how whistleblowers should approach the Camelot team and be heard, among the mass of other comms they get. Thats not easy, I have been kicking my heels here for over a year and without sounding big headed, am not exactly an unknown name in that field or even Ufo research. Newcomers would perhaps find it difficult to catch Bill or Kerry's ear or eye. I think they have a comfortable 'family' of individuals they regularly call upon for confs and interviews, these being Deagle, Wilcock, Delicardo, Deacon, Peterson, etc etc. Its like a little closed shop with these same individuals. I personally would not bother trying to be heard above the kerfuffle of these 'family' members. Just an observation

I can identify with that, although they do bring new people in occasionally. Perhaps it is a good idea for Bill and Kerrie to publish a protocol for want to be whistleblowers.

I am not a whistleblower -- I simply go into the space and minds of Black Ops, ETs, Cabal, etc. -- I trust my own first hand looking and knowing more than second hand. On top of that I remove negative energies from these spaces with more leverage than the 3D whistleblowers exhibit.

Thanks to all the whistleblowers for they operate from where they can operate and they speak to people who would find me too unreal.

Thus I publish here and on other appropriate forums and no one bothers me because I do not bother to show any proofs and thus can always be dashed off as a rabble rouser or nutz. Wish everyone would just go and learn to do their own looking and then report back here with what they saw themselves. Kidz, do not do this at home alone :-)

Time for some of us to take off the training wheels.
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