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Originally Posted by eXchanger View Post
yup, in part of my last processes
i utilised rudiments-and, found 2 incidents
utilising an x-scientologist person-a friend of gnosis5
someone kind of free-zone, i think
and, i discovered 2 incidents
1- from age 17, and, one at age 32, that still had charge
and, after getting rid of them, we went clear !!!
we understand why bill, and, gnosis5, like that sort of thing !!!
it works !!!

Keep up the good work Bill and, Kerrie...
you are both doing a marvelous job !!!


Boy, does it ever work! I went from burned out middle age ex-businesswoman, failed one marriage and wondering how much longer I should live -- to a Walker between Worlds, gearing up for a second business venture. Started some lighthearted channeling (pals only, no strangers) and meeting ETs (see thread about between lives abductions), including someone represented to be from Galactic Federation (do not ask me, I just report what I see), and am now more and more helping others clear themselves.

I do not think I am officially CLEAR yet -- am still looking deep into my history as a spiritual being. Last session was my shortest ever: 11 minutes ($6!) -- also one of my best sessions.

I think many of the more vocal auditors in the Freezone are highly protective of their vested interests and rather self-important, but there are a few really good clearing practitioners, both in and out of the Freezone. Caveat Emptor.

My clearing practitioner publishes all of his clearing technology and only charges for his time. It is the most straighforward route to CLEAR (equivalent to ancient Bodhisattva or Bodhicitta, perhaps the Nirvana as Buddha delivered it himself).

Thank you Buddha for sitting under that Bodhi tree and then telling others about it and helping others to see what you saw and experience what you experienced. Thank you Maittreya for giving us a way to stay connected with our Native State and Sovereign Unpotentiated Potential nature.

It has come to my recent attention that the Galactic Federation, much concerned about resolving old fixed dualities may have some clearing technology that is even more sublime than what I have. I am researching it now...

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