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Originally Posted by Seashore View Post
Thanks, Bill.

I have a concern about the mission of Camelot witness Dr Bill Deagle being undermined by his critics.

Specifically I am referring to the fact that evidently Clif High of Half Past Human has said publicly that Dr Bill is a paid CIA agent. My understanding is that Clif bases this opinion on the fact that Dr Bill is a "non-starter" in Clif's data gathering which means that he does not resonate OR simply put, he is lying. This is what I've seen posted on a thread here at Avalon.

Can you address this at all? Is Clif High's technology and interpretation credible in your opinion?
Seashore....I remember this conversation on a thread and I was the one who responded. Clif never said he was a paid CIA agent. He said Deagle was a say I am upset that you made the wrong claim is quite the understatement. And I am checking to find out if Clif EVER had a PI check out Deagle which I am quite sure is more false information posted here. I will report back as soon as I get an answer

Mod Edit: Please don't jijack this thread - post a link here to a new thread that you start or post it back to the old one and post your answer this. This is questions for Bill to answer - only please.

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