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Default Re: The Phoenix Journals

Originally Posted by waitinginthewings View Post
Thank you Viking & Lisa for the links. I have 2 questions based on the evacuation guidlines.
1) People are abducted all the time through a beam of light & they return in tact. Why is it different in Sanada 's material, where it says that our vibration needs to be higher in order to safely enter the beam & be brought on board?

2) If all the ships that are currently surrounding the planet are the "good guys" & all the "bad guys" have been removed, then why are there still "abductions" & cattle mutilations".

These are 2 items the popped out at me as being questionable.
Yes Lisa good point about the beam...also perhaps the folk that have been abducted are tuned into a higher frequency so it is easier for them to travel...

Regarding the mutilations...we really need to know who and why this is happening...Again Lisa hit the nail on the head!!...You will find some answers in the Journels...

A lot of stuff has been blamed on ET for obvious reasons...

Yes I hear what you are saying about Patrick and Anne...

How do you know George doesn't know them??

Patrick and Anne know George very well as does Ron Kirzinger.

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