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Default Re: The Phoenix Journals

Hi Lisa/Waiting

Yes George Green worked I believe with the first 10 Journels. There or there abouts.

Doris died under strange circumstances. In fact yesterday it was exactly 4 years ago!!! strange that we are talking about her and she dies exactly 4 years ago.. Synchronicity ;-)

Also the number 03.22 also coincidentely matched the skull and Bones crest!!!

Yes no one person has the right of ownership of the Journels, they belong to the people. And anyone can pass them along to whomever they wish.

Yes it does say that in Journel one and yes we do have a chance that evacuation can be avoided. Our conciousness has to be raised dramatically in order for this to happen. This I believe was George's intention, to raise our conciousness enough to avoid cataclysm and to do without the help of our brothers and sisters. I am sure he was hoping that we as a race would grow up!!!! Lets hope we have done it. If not, I'm afraid it's up to Mother Earth...

Lisa I am not unsettled at all, far from it. And neither should you be. Trust your heart. I am sure you will be at the right place at the right time, as we all will be.

In the meantime check this out

Waiting.....More on evacuation...

And if you need to write to Patrick please do so.

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