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Default Re: Getting closer...

I recently posted a reply in another thread (link below) that also concerns this thread (which, by the way, thanks for posting this thread too)

Here is part of it..

Quote: "All these internet campaigns concerning free energy almost make me physically sick. I guess that the websites who advertise free energy 24/7 are "ok". It's the fact, that at this time right here right now the majority of us (me included) some how believe that we can't make a difference. Let's change all that right now and take our "free energy gossip" off line as well. How?? For starters, wake up and know that your eternal and unlimited. Next, well you could write eye catching words in caps, such as "FREE ENERGY! ! !" on paper and then post it inside your vehicle, where your new ad is facing the world for all to see. When ever you drive around your advertising something that shows others that you actually care. Especially to people like me and you! Don't you ever wonder who else out there is so interested in free energy as well?" End quote.

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