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Default Re: Getting closer...

Thanks Rocky,

It has to be the time now. we have no choice but to move forward on clean energy.

You will be more protected as the nazis and their cronies are arrested and the system is shaken down to dislodge the rest of the dingleberries. as the financial system collapses, they will have less money to spend on preventing these inventions from coming out.

More power to you.

24 years ago I heard about Joseph Newman and his gyron theory. it is a fantastic concept but I don't have the mech. eng. skills to make prototypes..

the time was not right then. it is now. go for it brother!

my feeling is that the greater the spread of true information and plans and process, e.g over youtube and these forums, the better. I believe it would be better for humanity if these principles and if possible, plans to build one's own, were available on the web. the greater the spread the safer the idea will be.

we are in for a huge change in our systems and there will greater freedom to pursue these kind of projects, the concept of intellectual property IMHO is completely outdated and belongs to the medieval church, where the idea of copyright was introduced to prevent non Latin version of the bible to be published. it should be as outdated as leeching and cupping is to healing.
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