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Default Re: Will Earth suffer the Illuminati pole Shift in 2012?

First of all, my sincere and heartfelt thanks go to Kerry Cassidy for drawing my attention to the Azuritepress website and associated materials, as she did through the Project Camelot homepage recently.

I have just completed reading the two Voyager books and re-reading the article from which the above is quoted.

It's staggering stuff, no doubt about it, disturbing reading which might account for some very unpleasant (though not directly relevant) dreams I've had for the last three nights.

Believing myself to be a 'player' in this 'game', I have long concerned myself with the welfare of what I call, not disparagingly, 'ordinary people' as this '2012 issue' unfolds. Last year I recorded my thoughts and understandings in a series of videos which I uploaded to YouTube under 'Quantum Leap 2012'.

Now, having read the Azuritepress materials my remaining questions are the same: what will happen to the 'ordinary people' who will not be reading those materials and not be drawn away from their day-to-day lives enough to practise or be practised upon with the various techniques recommended in the materials?

I was thinking, just today, of posting that question to the related Keylontic Science group on Yahoo in the hope of answers from the nearly 3000 members there. There are over 70,000 messages on the group pages so trawling through for answers is out of the question.

I hope it's true that the 'ordinary people' who make up the vast bulk of the population will make it through to the Higher Earth which is still thankfully in the offing despite the Annunaki/Illuminati machinations, probably making passage through the 'Bhardoah Ascension' (post-bodily death) (it was through googling that, that I found this thread on Project Avalon forum where I've been a member for some time). If so, it will be, I imagine, through living a positive life and choosing, albeit unconsciously, to go to 'Heaven' rather than the 'Hell' to which this present Earth is seemingly headed courtesy of variously-associated off-world Annunaki/Illuminati factions.

It's 'hats off' again to Kerry and Bill for bringing the same sort of material about hidden agenda goings-on to the wider public, fleshing out the modern-day elements of what has evidently been an eons-long process; and especially, I feel, for introducing the more spiritual elements which may be what 'ordinary people' need most to help them through the next very few years.

So what are these elements? Love, compassion, service-to-others, a.k.a. Law of One principles, principally? If so, not to hard to understand, are they? Even so, a question remains: how to inspire 'ordinary people' to live those qualities in their lives, to be 'at least 51% service-to-others'? There's still much to do, no doubt about that either.
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