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Default Re: Cancer-mortality-reduction-with-Vitamin-D

Originally Posted by eleni View Post
Yes, absolutely. A high raw/ high live foods diet low in sugar (fruit sugar) and proper food combining = greater health and immunity and can reverse serious diseases.
This is true. For those who are hard-wired only to accept hard data, you may review the work of Otto von Warburg, the physicist who won the Nobel Peace prize in 1931. It was his research which showed that by increasing your body's ph level to a slightly alkaline state, not only did it reverse degenerative diseases and conditions such as cancer, but it eliminated the very environment they needed to thrive!

His research showed that cancer, along with many other degenerative conditions, can only operate in the absence of free oxygen- or in an anaerobic environment. By raising your body's ph levels you are bringing more oxygen into your body and destroying the very environment these degenerative conditions require in order to thrive. Now, it's not a good thing to be overly alkaline either, as this would subject one to ammonia poisoning- the ideal is a slightly alkaline ph. Let's not forget that even thoughts, such as negative thoughts, can influence and increase acid levels in the bloodstream, it's not only important to eat properly, you must also maintain the proper attitude as well!

Regarding the kidney stones and calcium deposits referenced above, one of the major purposes for D3 beyond it's many beneficial purposes, is to aid in the absorption of calcium. Also, be sure to take the correct form of calcium- the major types people are aware of are calcium citrate and calcium carbonate, calcium citrate absorbs much better in the body and would likely better suit you if you are encountering issues with absorption/deposits. It is also generally suggested that you take a 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium to aid in absorption. I just don't want you to give up so readily on such an important element.
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