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Default Re: Hillary Clinton’s ET book discovered

Originally Posted by redtailhawk View Post
I worked closely with Dr. John Mack at Harvard for 10 years. First as a research subject, then later I managed his project, PEER (Program for Extraordinary Experience Research).
Great !

I knew that there must be more people that have parts of this puzzle ... we only need to get more pieces together.

I learned from the Aaron Russo interview that the Rockefeller foundation also supported woman's emancipation ... but for their own distorted reasons.
So was this funding for the right reason or just information gathering how much the populous is finding by themselves ?

Then there is another interesting thought that gains popularity with me after reading David Wilcock's last ebook.
I think the thought of competing factions is likely to be true. There is probably not a single faction which is 'all knowing'.
Could this be a display of an attempt from one faction to get more intel from the other factions ?

anyone ?

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