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Default DO Try This At Home

I went today to pick up an order of sausages that age for years, that a friend sent to me from Vancouver ( She sent it to 'Lance and Rowan' and the woman (strangely enough the postal people have switched?) behind the counter said "you need ID to pick this up", "NO I DO NOT, I DO NOT NEED ID, that is 'policy', not LAW".

There were 4 people in line behind me and my sausages smell really good if you are an ominivore. I then launched into a diatribe in a measured manner about the creeping fascism and EVERY SINGLE person in line AGREED with me.

Speak up in public or soon, you won't be able to. I heard rumblings of 'strawman' from some mousy mid-50's woman whom giggled when I declared I had given up my drivers license and am buying an electric scooter for which I need no license.

I walked out of there, after looking at some techy **** which stated 'your signature may be viewed on line", I said...NO. The woman behind the counter said, "I can shut that off" (supposedly)with a signature on a LCD pad and NO ID. And will again, and again, and again, because the face of freedom is the woman standing behind the counter realizing she is being lead down a path that not one of her customers cared to travel.

Fascism, even the hint or lest whiff of it can be discarded when the populace say NO. Our new Postal Woman learned that today. And I am munching a hot Serbian sausage and smiling.
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