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Question Re: Is 2012 Doom and Gloom Fiction?

Noticed a lot of negative reactions without reasons. If those with such feelings would be so kind as consider updating your reply with the reasons, it would be greatly appreciated!

On top of the Christian 'mistranslation' these great fearing events are very profitable for all involved and more importantly leave the masses vulnerable to political changes that might not otherwise be possible; both in terms of propaganda if not "NEW WORLD ORDERS", this vulnerability comes from the fear.

Was the holocaust not also the perfect vehicle to get a mass of people to move from their very comfortable and green life styles to a dry, resource limited desert?

Who was it that said, "PROBLEM REACTION 'SOLUTION'"? The real question is cui bono? Who benefits from the solution?

These profits are great in in the short term for those selling survival gear and present both short and long term benefits for church groups.

Besides tying into, pattern wise, other disaster marketing events like the Year 2000 non-disaster, we have the fact it's circular.

What better way to represent something that, overall, has no termination, including sub-events leading to the next, than a circle? The odds of this professor being incorrect or a disinfo agent I'd rate as very low.

What possible motive could there be to present such 'disinfo'?

truth and love,

Thanks "tone3jaguar" for the reference to the great calendar video; this is a very eye opening lecture!

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This guy, to me at least, sounds to be a disinformate
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