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Default Re: Giving raw food a shot

Originally Posted by Jonathon View Post
Hola HJ,

Quite the contrary sir, the nutrients are in the juice Hence why the Gerson Method is so effective. You can reap an incredible amount of nutrition from juicing due to the fact that it's impossible to consume the same amount in the whole food equivalent (you can drink 60 carrots a day, but likely won't be able to eat that amount).

Wanted to check the thread to see how you were doing and to give you a good sandwich to try - has been a major staple for me for the past year.

1) A good whole grain organic bread
2) Organic Raw Almond Butter
3) Organic Raisins, Sunflower & Pumpkin seeds (can pick and choose on the seeds as they don't offer much in the way of flavor - mostly for added nutrients)
4) 1 Banana sliced into flat quarters (1 slice in middle, then slice longways)
5) Raw organic spinach - cram a good handfull in there =)

Here's a good general resource for you with regard to pesticides in the various foods you may want to bookmark. Obviously you want to go organic whenever possible:
So if the ingredients are in the juice, umm, huh? I'm confused now.

New habits take a while to set in with me so it'll take time to gradually change my diet to where I want it. I've tried to balance out anything unsavory with something healthy.

In regards to fruits, I was unable to find organic frozen fruit at one supermarket but it can be found at two others so I will just have to frequent the supermarkets that have what I need for now.
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