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Default Re: Tarot readings here.....

Originally Posted by Malletzky View Post too please

ok here is yours

A fool is one who goes on trusting against all the odds
You decieve him , and he trust you , and you decive him and he trust you,
and again and again , he trusts you .Then you will say he is a fool , he does not learn . His TRUST IS TREMENDOUS , his trust is so pure that nobody can corrupt it .Be the fool in the zen sense . Dont try to create a wall of knowladge around you . Whatsoever experience comes to you . let it happen , and then go on dropping it . Go on cleaning your mind continuously .
go on dying to the past , here now , as if just born, just a babe .
In the beggining it can bre very difficult the world seems to take advantage of you ... let them .They are poor fellows. Even if you are cheated and deceived and robbed, let it happen , because that which is realy yours can not br robbed from you ,that which is realy yours nobody can steal from you .
And each time you dont allow situations to corrupt you , that opportunity
become an intergration inside . Your soul will became more crysallised ...
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