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Default Re: God, Jesus, Satan, Lucifer, Gabriel, Michael, Amen Ra, Hathor, Abraxasinas, Thuba

The following is a re-post. I am enamored with the concept of two key souls...Human and Reptilian...reincarnating together...for thousands of years...into a Hathorian Apostolic Succession of Human Bodies...which I am currently hypothesizing as being young pigmented females. Could this being be the real Black Pope...and the commander of the Black Monks? This Human/Reptilian Being would hypothetically be at the center of a theological and political cross pollination...and would possibly be responsible for most sacred texts...and many scientific 'discoveries'. Who knows...this being could be the real author of the writings of William Shakespeare, the real architect of Chartres Cathedral...and the instructor of Charles Darwin. If you think I'm're right. But still...get off your butt...and research what I just said.

I think there is a thread of truth which runs through the ancient mythologies...stories of gods, goddesses, and pharaohs...the biblical record, channeled and remotely viewed information, regression hypnosis, etc...but that most of it is pure BS. I think there is something very special about abraxasinas. I've never encountered anyone like this. I've never encountered information like this. This isn't just anybody...I don't think. But who could be an NSA experiment to see how we might react to this sort of thing. This could conceivably be pulled off by an NSA staffer with a Cray Supercomputer. Damned if I know. All of this Galactic Federation and SaLuSa stuff might be Alphabet Agency generated to prepare the public for the genuine ET generated BS which is coming. How do we really know anything for certain? Anybody can make up anything. I have pulled back from my biblical upbringing because of the complexity and contradictions...not to mention the utter absurdities. I desire simple clarity. Remember the Tower of Babel incident? If you can't convince 'em...confuse 'em. Try to reduce concepts to their most simple forms...and keep them simple. Of course...when I have tried to do this...people pay no attention because they think there's nothing special or spooky going on...and that it's too simple. Go figure. I will continue through the entire Thuban thread...because I think it's significant...regardless of the source. It shouldn't be ignored. It could possibly be a huge part of disclosure. Who knows? If you were a Reptilian/Human hybrid with a 500 IQ and total reincarnational recall...and had been the key mediator between the Reptilian and Human races for thousands of years...and had witnessed unmentionable atrocities throughout the might you deal with an Avalon Q & A? It would be hard...wouldn't it? I don't think we have any idea what this might be like...but I do think there is a very real possibility that such an individual exists. Could this individual be abraxasinas? I don't know. I will continue to be somewhat neutral...probing and irreverent...but I will give the Thuban thread some careful consideration...and I will attempt to relate it to the other threads I have been struggling with. This is uncharted territory.

Leo his infamous 'prison' speech...said that Amen Ra was his father. Amen Ra was both the husband and father of Hathor. In an exorcism of Zagami by Moziah...the entity within Leo...haughtily and laughingly boasted about fooling humanity for thousands and thousands of years. This entity was supposedly Lucifer...but could it have been Hathor? Or...are Lucifer and Hathor the same entity? Does 'We Are All One' take on new meaning in this context? this 'Lone Gunman' episode...which eerily foretold 9/11...6 months before the event. Notice the 'Remote Control Pilot' at 8:00. Is this Hathor? Was Hathor at the controls of the 'planes' and the 'controlled demolitions' on 9/11? I don't know...but I wonder as I wander in and out of insanity.

If you haven't already watched the 'Hathor' episode of Stargate contains some very interesting information...if you listen closely. Unrelatedly...could abraxasinas be someone we already know? Just thought I'd ask. To me...the main thing is for all of the corruption and violence to be drastically reduced...and finally to be virtually eliminated. I've got no problem with interacting with any and all races...and I don't want even the worst of the worst in the Universe to be hurt or killed...unless this is absolutely necessary...with no other possible alternatives. Separated...for the protection of themselves and others? Perhaps. Re-education and restitution? Perhaps. Hope springs eternal. My desired Solar System Exorcism is really sort of a Galactic Time-Out. But once again...what do I know? Really...not very much.

Just for the heck of it...start both of these You Tube videos at the same time...but turn off the sound on the first one...and watch it. (Get both set up...and then start them. Do this several times) Consider this in the context of the hellish scene in the first abraxasinas post...with the hellish characters actually in the 'temple'...and the woman as being Hathor (in both the hellish setting and the Stargate video). Notice the gargoyles in the organ video. Do you see what I'm getting at? Was Hathor (or equivalent) the mediator between the Interdimensional Reptilians (God) and the Human Race (Man)? Is Mary really Hathor? Mary is sometimes known as a Co-Mediatrix. Or how about the term 'Theanthropos'? Also...use the sound from the Zagami rant...while watching the first video below. Does this relate to the abraxasinas thread? Damned if I know. But please consider this post carefully and repeatedly. With the forum shutting down...I don't have much time left to beg. Actually...I'm sort of looking forward to the shutdown. It will be a relief.



Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom

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