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Default Re: Should there be a Religion sub-forum? (Vote Here)

Religion is based on historical concepts and system of beliefs combined for a common interest, usually proven and given by ancient texts and tradition passed on by mankind. Spirituality is an "invisible" to the naked eye but nurtured and perceived by an individual's spirit of thought, perception, and humbling or ascension growth governed either by outside forces, yourself, and/or a higher being such as our Creator, Yahweh Elohim. Religion seems to interconnect with spirituality at different levels. Because a lot of times, mankind's perspective (not mine though) of religion is the outcome of spirituality.

We need to keep them in a central location to better discuss them. I, personally, would separate them. Because religion can be deceptive at many levels. But in this case, we need to keep them together to better understand each person's beliefs in case somebody, somewhere there is going to be a living soul who needs to study religion and spirituality to fully comprehend the Truth. We need to keep them both in the Spirituality Section.


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