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Default Re: Revelations of a Master: Multidimensional existence and other conversations

At my sanctum, which is where I usually meet the ascended Master, I met up with him and he performed some sort of energy work on me, where he
grabbed my hands, pushed his thumbs into my palms, and sent a great
surge of energy through me and said it would strengthen my energy
body, chakras and make me more open for spiritual experiences and
insights, psychic work, healing etc.

As earlier, I was filled with energy when returning to this earthly
plane, and could not sleep all night long.

Some days later, I met him again, and asked if he could show me the
creation of existence. Well, he did, and that's quite complicated to
explain, I was shown several "layers" of creation starting at the top
by God, whom I perceived as a great mental energy source, and going
downwards and splitting up into different planes of existence through
time, with different co-creators involved that was spawned from God,
the source, all the way down to this physical plane.

The visuals are close to impossible to explain, but this is about as
good as I can explain that experience.

Then I asked if he could show me God. And I was sent upwards, and
found myself in a state of All - feeling I was everything and visually
all I saw was great brilliant light, and a feeling of a mental source
of Energy which was God, and I experienced myself from the viewpoint
of God, with everything existing within God, and I was in total
harmony and peace and felt omnipotent.

After a moment in this state, I returned back to the physical world, and later on wrote down my experiences above.

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