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Default Re: Bloodline insider speaks out!

I agree with much about what he said of brainwashing and control. I agree with just about everything he said on religion its all about controlling people and making money. I don't even give "God" A name. Its the universal mind controlling everything the energy of the universe we are all part of. If you do evil or think evil its negative, if you think positive and do positive it is positive. Positive people make things happen for themselves because they give off Phermones and positive mindset that attracts the same things. Negative thoughts and action and thinking leads to failure and negativity. That is what they attract. No one likes being around negative people unless they are negative. You make the world you live in. You sleep in the bed you made. You don't need a priest to talk to god. You have a direct link to the godhead in your soul, period. Want to talk to god. Think it. Say it out loud. Whatever. I do think that there are other entities out there like negative "Demons" and Angels. They are life forms we do not understand that live in other dimensional realms that can effect our minds and feed off our energy. They live in different places depending on their vibration. Imagine a lens. thats really thick and black at one end and extremely clear on the other. That is reality. If your negative your at the dark misty bottom, if your radiant in thought your at the bright top where its crystal clear bright and vibrant with energy and colors we cant comprehend. Angels I think help us and want us to return to the positive, Demons feed off our negativity and hate bringing us lower toward the dark. I see people every day that I have known my whole life that are negative-they hate the world, they are my relatives and they are in their 60's-70's. They have hated other people their whole life and have never changed. They have never grown up or expanded their consciousness. They will die hating and I can't do anything about it. But they have had 60-70 years to meet people have experiences and have never changed. I can't for the life of me understand that. How can you live your life and not grow and change the way you think about life? It took me years to break their programming. I don't live in the same city anymore and I'm better off for it. I hate going home for visits. Because they are like psychic vampires sucking the life out of me. Look at my huge house! look at what I drive! , democrats republicans immigrants Fox news 24 7 in every room of the house all day long ! ect ect why waste your energy on that BS?
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