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Default I too will soon move on ...

Words fail me to express how I feel at the idea Avalon with soon close it's gates
and that we will now sail on separate courses.
The breaking apart of our soul family is painfull to me .
I love you more than I can say .
For 1000 days I came here to greet you and share your company .
It has been a pleasure for me and an honor to serve in this land .
This assembly point has been special for us all .
I will never forget ..
The soul connection some of us experienced here we will never loose .
Being together made us strong in our Love .
We made Avalon a magic place for all to come .
One Heart beating the drum ..One pulse .. One wave of Light
This has been our gift to the world ..
For this I am gratefull ..and thank you all .
I will be carrying on my spiritual work in the spirit of open doors for all
as I always did in a new home.
I wish you all the very best on your respective paths .
May you all go where you feel you 'll serve best .

I will miss You .

We are one family of kindred souls .
We we all meet again at the final assembly point .

Love for You Always

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