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Default Re: Project avalon 2.. Are you havin a laugh?

JT, I think you are spot on when you claim the problem is with integrity and it starts at the top with the founders. Once again, Bill is unavailable with no welcoming message, no mission statement, or any word what-so-ever on PA2. Where is the captain of the ship?

I'm also very confused about Project Light Warrior as they want folks for games and portals.

Coming here to this forum is like watching a train wreck. Helping out at a new forum also has its challenges no matter where that forum is just because folks are so diverse and at so many levels of awareness and understanding. And the intention behind each forum is very different from each other.

I honestly don't think that Bill or Kerry were ever commited to this forum other then the idea to have it happen and help with the creative process in the design. This is clearly evident with respect to how involved they are "not." They are still very involved with what it takes to do Camelot and that really doesn't leave much time to participate on a forum as compared to the many members who do have time to be on the net.

What astonishes me is that this forum has almost 7,000 members. Where are they? What do they think? Personally, I'm sorry to see the hundreds if not thousands of hours the many, many volunteers put in to making this forum so full of great information come to an end. Some threads will be moved over to AV2 but what happens to PLW? I suspect over time all of this will eventually be sorted out but currently the hoopla and phoney rah, rah is a bit much.

If this is any example of how Bill runs his ship when he is involved heaven help AV2. The Captain needs to be there or the whole thing will eventually turn into yet another train wreck.

These almost 7,000 members have some choices to make if they wish to continue to be involved with PA at some level. They can join all of the forums and be a bit spread out. They can go with just one forum. They can just back up and drop it all together. This transition is about choices and the choice about staying here is not an option.

Let's look at this from another perspective as well. Let's look at earthchanges and ground crews who are networking. Those who accept this as a real possibility have taken steps to take care of themselves. If someone sees a tornado coming the smart thing to do is to relocate to a safe space. In this fourm's case it's a train wreck. The more aware members will have already found a safe place ~ while others will be checking out multiple other places rather then worrying about whether they will be rejected and not recieve an invitation to AV2. As I see it one can be pro-active and take control or be reactive and whine. Irrespective of how the choice plays itself, this forum is coming to an end.

Meanwhile, the many members are going through and adjustment period. Particularly the ones who were comfortable the way things were here. Personally, I've not been all that comfortable since almost day 1, yet did find things I could do here which made me happy.

It's all a matter of perspective JT. I think you understand better then most just exactly what has happened here. And let's be clear, part of the problem has absolutley nothing to do with any personality or group of personalities. It has to do with the technical difficulties related to running this particular forum. It is time for a change... it has to change if it is going to survive.
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