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Default Re: Check your email!

"I hope you don't think I accused you of hating poor people! Just trying to draw you out. Heheh."

Well I think if you were honest, you were up for a barney (look it up)

Anyway, the irish werent anilated either, their language and religion and gathering together was outlawed, but they were fine afterwards, no worries....

The africans of practically any country weren't ruined either, they were just left with the dust that was their country, the aborigonies, nor the native americans, nor the... pick a feckin country of your choice......they were absolutely fine afterwards -- and werent they better really when we think about it, arent they much better now that they are 'civilised' arent we all better knowing that we all eat the same white bread --- much much safer for everyone

Sugarplum, nothing is too easy unless you are without wonder as to how is all happened without our say so

Having said that who is to say, Im speaking english and on this forum... otherwise I could be speaking one o them foreign languages, the ones that make you wonder....
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