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Originally Posted by Dougall View Post
Kristoffer - I am new here as well and I don't really understand what the long time members are going through. I am starting to see that the site is more about the people who post here than the overall subject matter.

I think that people who have been here for 2 or 3 years have an emotional attachment to the site and the other long time members. It feels like currently, Avalon is all about Avalon, People getting banned sent to the Mists or having some kind of trouble with the mods. As I said I am new and don't know the history of the Fellowship. It may have been really satisfying for the Members to share their ideas at one time and now they feel a loss.

I was just starting to consider if Avalon was the right place or the exact wrong place for a person to post sensitive info. Then it dawned on me that Avalon is about the relationships between the people who post here.
In a way it's kinda not my business! I have not invested the time or the effort and I do not know the back story. So as far as what is happening here my opinion is moot.

Hey mate!

Yeah i feel the same, its more about people investing time in proving their own "uniqeness" or their abillity to speak the truthe. Its like the gaza strip over and over, some say this, some do not agree and do it in a way to make them look more of the "allknowing" and the others to be hoaxsters or whatever.

Some people are just trying to spread love, some are trying to do the opposite. But this is human nature, i can just take a step back and observe as i always do. This is how you learn. This is how to create order out of chaos.

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