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Default Re: Where's the proof of re-incarnation and past lives…

...I know, we know, for the most part, you are not royalty, probably were doing something similar to what you do today, aren't always the "good guy", might not be proud pf some things, but as Bill said, it helps to know what programs are still running and hopefully help with the clearing process...

... In general, what I have found is that the major relationships in your life (i.e. spouse, parents, siblings, and best friends) are usually rooted in past relationships. I would find it very unlikely that you do not have other people in your life with whom you shared past life experiences...
... In addition, learning past life details especially relationship related often provides instant healing as you become conscious of what the original conflict was and how it relates to your present lifetime...
...The higher self is as I understand what provides access to the past lives. It is also possible to query information on what is happening in future lifetimes. The point is that this is all much more complex and does have quite a bit of scientific footing than what you can just box into a 3D structure and proclaim that it does or doesn't exist...
I wish there was a way to combine this thread with the other one ...’cause it has so much cross-reference discussion to this one...

by xbusymom:
Originally Posted by Carmen
After many years of spiritual study and learning/understanding I remembered a significant past life. It came in the form of revelation over about three days. It was a dreadful life of abuse, pain and neglect in a harem in ancient middle east somewhere. The characters in that life were right here in this life, my then husband and his sister and the children I now have.

What was useful about the whole revelation/memory was that it freed up my pelvis and lower back and I was finally free of pain. It was wonderful. I must have been ready to remember and finally forgive all the players from that life.

It would be interesting to find out what chalkra areas you are having trouble with; and how they correlate to the issues you are dealing with...

the same happened to me... when I finally found out about my past lives question/current life lesson- I realized it was with the pelvis chalkra too (not so much with the sexual issue, but as a lesson of how to un-restrict my creativity energies)


*WOW- there are so many different branches of spiritual knowledge wrapped up in this topic that I had forgotten about...
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