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Originally Posted by Lionhawk View Post

I was informed that people had seen that I had logged on and was back in the forum on Feb 7th of this year.

Fact is my account had been deactivated and I couldn't log in even if I wanted to. Richard reactivated my account a couple of weeks later as to my request.

Now I have to ask how is it that I logged in on the 7th when I didn't or couldn't?

Who is to say a mod with Admin privileges can't access any information?

The fact is anything that is posted is PROPERTY of whoever owns this website. That includes everything from PM"s down to smiley faces.

I had a similar experience.
I was shown as logged in but could not post on another forum that finally went belly up.

The admin was calling me a liar on the forum and I could not speak up for myself.
After emailing a few friends to post my problem on the board, I was suddenly able to get back into the forum.

Also, my PM's were read and even discussed as many on this board CAN verify.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as privacy.
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