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Default Any good news?!


It seems to me that this forum i beginning to look more like jerry springer! And im kinda frustrated about it.

Why does everyone have to be such dramaqueens and do the "well if you dont agree with me im gonna run and hide" Isnt this whats really cool to be human? To think differently? to debate this and that? do you really just wanna preach to the chorus? (dont know how this spells sorry).

I do not always approve what people think here and what the admins did to remove threads etc, but guess what? im cool with it, i dont have to like everything, and because of it i dont have to close my account and go to a better place where all sit in a circle and agree.

I havent been active here with an account for long, i mean ive been looking at this forum and havent felt that i had to wright you anything. But i registred just before this whole bill and kerry drama unfolded. And in all seriousness..... what the hell? so they do not agree with stuffs? so what? i dont have to go and cut my wrists because of it. Let them have their fight, but here all got involved like it was ur parents that fought.

I hope you are all grown ups, even if you belive in UFO´s, The gouverment conspiricy, or whatever ur pref view is.

Just stop being 12 years old and act like you cant get along in the sandbox.

over and out

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