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Default Re: Where's the proof of re-incarnation and past lives…

Hmm…some good stuff in here…i'll continue to look into this issue, thanks guys.

Maybe I will meet someone from a past life one day, maybe not. I guess sense I’ve been around Hugh cities all my life and literally came into contact with thousands…I probably brushed off these ahhhh experiences as being nothing more than coincidences. In my case it might be hard to recall past lives because I don’t really dream, instead, I do recall having certain visions of wars and alien/angelic invasions (seemed so real). I can have some deep intense meditations but rarely recall a dream, or a moment of being here before. Maybe I wasn’t here before; perhaps it’s my first time.

In any case, it would be hard for me to know because I can’t really think of a reason or a lesson that is needed to be learned. For me, I believe nothing that can’t be proven logically. Perhaps this is my lesson, not to believe in the unproven, maybe I died following false teachings and came back for that lesson…or revenge. If details are sketchy, in any form of knowledge, all I can do is take it with a grain of salt. In my experiences, I do much better in life when dealing with facts, opinions and theories always have holes in them; it’s risky believing in the unknown. I hear and read of many accounts of people experiencing various things, its just a bit frustrating witnessing the lack of proof. My discernment has kept me well, and I’m sure it will continue to. I’m wired only to move forward on the path of truth not possibility.

If I don’t question everything, don’t do my best to assist others, don’t get involved physically in a physical world to make it better…I don’t see how I can be a loving individual or become spiritually evolved. Action speaks loader then words and is the materialization of the thought. Sure I can think of a way to move myself (home) out of chaotic surroundings. But, that’s just running away. I fear nothing, all I really want is for everyone to know they are being used, think for themselves, stop following others inconclusive ideas, and help to make the world better for all…not just talk about it.

I know how to get what I want, except its a bit difficult enjoying life when others around me can’t. This could be my lesson, but how? It’s also been said, if I’m seeing things I don’t like in other people then it’s a reflection of seeing something in my self I don’t like. That can be a bit confusing. For instance, if I’m on a crowded train and loud disrespectful people were making me feel uncomfortable…how’s that my fault, or a reflection of myself that I don’t like. I’m far from being loud and often told I’m a bit shy. If I literally see hundreds of different people daily and if some of them have an offensive smell, use vulgar language, litter the streets, beat up innocent pedestrians….how is this a reflection of seeing something in myself I don’t like? Could I be taking this info too literally, or misinterpreted it entirely?


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