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Default Re: Where's the proof of re-incarnation and past lives…

Originally Posted by Majorion View Post
Hehe, well I'm gonna take a rain check on this one.

Look, anything's possible okay, but I've heard so many Roswell theories it's just become ridiculous honestly.

I'll tell you something you probably won't agree with... though it is true that alternative sources (like blogs, articles, research sites, etc) are better sources of information than mainstream outlets, I also believe that much of the alternative stuff is nonsense as well, all of it is designed to appeal to sectors and particular demographics. We're all interested in UFOs, 2012, spirituality, etc. but don't believe most of what you read just because the author seems to be on your side. What I've discovered in most instances is that those people also have an agenda, in much the same way as MSM. It could simply be about making money, or it could also be a genuine effort to disinform. My sincerest advice to you (bit off topic I know), is when you think about Roswell or anything else, don't go looking for explanations from anyone else, review the case yourself and come to your own conclusions.

I didn't say I agreed with it (I definitely don't agree with everything I read; there's a lot of crap out there, and I discern that.); I said it's a "possible answer to your question". I was only using Roswell as an example. I'm on the fence about this tidbit, although it could make sense to me. Just providing another perspective that I haven't seen anyone suggest yet.


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